05-10 JEEP SRT8 Front Differential Bushing

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These urethane bushings replace the low quality, factory installed bushings in the front differential. If there is a “clunking” sound coming from the front of your vehicle during acceleration, the bushing above the pinion (pinion bushing) is the probable cause. The material that the factory used for these bushings is very soft, they left considerable air space in the bushings and these bushings are under tremendous strain during vehicle acceleration. These three points lead to the early demise of the factory bushings.

Our replacement bushings are made using a urethane material that is stronger that the OEM rubber and the bushings are 100% filled (no air space) which minimizes deflection between the inner core and outer shell of the bushings. The use of our bushing will add minimal (if even noticeable) noise transmission to the cabin from the front differential.

We offer two different durometers for either a daily driver-street car or a full on race car. With that said, here is a breakdown of what we suggest a customer purchases dependent on the use of the vehicle-

  • Daily driver/ stock or minimal modifications- We suggest purchasing the black pinion bushing only. The pinion bushing takes the majority of the abuse and is the only bushing that seems to fail under normal everyday use.
  • Occasional racing or off-roading (750hp or less)- We suggest the full kit in black. This will keep the differential in place without transmitting much noise or vibration.
  • Race car/ hardcore off-roading(unlimited HP)- We suggest the full kit it red. With our red bushings the differential will be held in place and have a hard time moving. With the full red set you might notice noise and vibration as the urethane is a lot stiffer than the factory bushings.

***You can always purchase whatever bushing you need if your factory bushing has failed.***

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1 review for 05-10 JEEP SRT8 Front Differential Bushing

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    Just got around to installing the full black street set on my 2010 SRT8 JGC. Wow, what a difference! No more clunking! The noise due to 100% filled bushings is minimal at best, I only notice a slight hum on deceleration, sounds way better than a CLUNK! Install was easy with socket extensions and swivels along with a decent air chisel. I slung some straps around the frame and under the diff to support it, unbolted the drive shaft and bushing bolts. the diff cradled in the straps allowing me to rotate as needed. I beat the old bushings out with the air chisel, I froze the Creative Steel bushings and beat them into the diff with a large socket and hammer then put it back together the way it came apart. total time was about 3.5 hours. I thought it was going to take way longer until I realized I didn’t need to remove the differential. I am 100% satisfied with this product, this is the highest quality bushing I’ve dealt with yet. extremely happy with my purchase. Oh, and on a side note I just realized that the Thumbnail picture (link) to the SRT8 jeep bushings is an actual picture of my silver Jeep! Awesome!

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