05-11 STS & STS-V Rear Differential Bushing

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This urethane bushing replaces the low quality, factory installed bushing in the FRONT of the rear differential. If there is a “clunking” sound coming from the rear of your car as you are on and off of the clutch while driving slowly, the failure of your front differential bushing is the probable cause. The material that the factory used for these bushings is very soft, they left considerable air space in the bushing and this bushing is under tremendous strain during vehicle acceleration, these three points lead to the early demise of the factory bushing.

Our STS – STS-V Rear Differential Bushings are made using a urethane material that is stronger than the OEM rubber and the bushing is 100% filled (no air space) which minimizes deflection between the inner core and outer shell of the bushing. The use of our bushing will add minimal (if even noticeable) noise transmission to the cabin from the rear differential. In the photo with two bushings, (click on view larger image) the bushing on the right is a new OEM bushing. We posted this picture for a comparison of the two products, ours and theirs. When you remove your old bushing it will look far from what you see here, it will be painfully obvious that it has gone bad.

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Weight 0.0075 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.5 × 2 in

6 reviews for 05-11 STS & STS-V Rear Differential Bushing

  1. Nathan

    Bushing worked great for me and stopped all the clunking noises coming from the rear end. I would recommend renting the tool as it made the job much easier.

  2. asle

    So much better then the stock part .it fixed a problem I’ve been dealing with for sometime ..they got me the part fast , definitely I’d buy from them again

  3. Charles

    What a huge improvement over the OEM part! Installation is no fun but it will be much easier if you have access to a lift and can stand under the car. I was lucky to find a local “Self Serve Garage” that rents bays with lifts by the hour. Do yourself a favor and rent the tool also!

  4. Mike Malo (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with the differential bushing from Creative Steel. I noticed the difference IMMEDIATELY! Going from Park to Drive or Reverse, is the softest it has ever been. Every shift if the transmission is ultra-smooth now. The bushing removal and installation tool worked great, and Kristie shipped it fast. The only problem I had was when I grabbed a block of wood in my garage to put between the floor jack and the differential, I was stung by a Black Widow spider on the left index finger! I had to work in pain, but it was worth it. Thanks again to everyone at Creative Steel!

  5. Dan Zamborsky (verified owner)

    Everything worked perfectly. Kristie even sent return label for tool. Highly recommend, so happy that clunk is gone in my STS.

  6. LU (verified owner)

    Finally got rid of that annoying and embarrassing clunk that was getting louder, more harsh and earning me free, irritated looks from my wife and daughter. “Don’t try this at home” unless you rent the CS extraction and press tool though. Even with the tool, it’s difficult, but definitely doable. I couldn’t spend a small fortune to have a dealer pull the diff, or Joe’s Garage figure it out on their own. Buy the CS bushing, rent the tool and jump in the pool. The CS bushing is far and away a superior design than the factory original. There’s just not a lot of room under there; and no you don’t have to drop the shaft. Take your time and you’ll be fine. If you get in a bind (like I did, literally) the team at CS will take the time to help you through it. Simply put, great innovation from a great company that knows what customer service means. My next step will be to buy a set of CS mounts. Thanks again Creative Steel!

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