04 – 07 CTS-V Rear Differential Bushing

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04 – 07 CTS-V Rear Differential Bushing

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This urethane bushing replaces the low quality, factory installed bushing in the FRONT of the rear differential. If there is a “clunking” sound coming from the rear of your car as you are on and off of the clutch while driving slowly, the failure of your front differential bushing is the probable cause.

The material that the factory used for these bushings is very soft, they left considerable air space in the bushing and this bushing is under tremendous strain during vehicle acceleration, these three points lead to the early demise of the factory bushing. Our replacement bushings are made using a urethane material that is stronger that the OEM rubber and the bushing is 100% filled (no air space) which minimizes deflection between the inner core and outer shell of the bushing.

The use of our bushing will add minimal (if even noticeable) noise transmission to the cabin from the rear differential. In the photo with two bushings, (click on view larger image) the bushing on the right is a new OEM bushing. We posted this picture for a comparison of the two products, ours and theirs. When you remove your old bushing it will look far from what you see here, it will be painfully obvious that it has gone bad.

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Weight 0.0075 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.5 × 2 in

14 reviews for 04 – 07 CTS-V Rear Differential Bushing

  1. RyeV

    Great product, even better service. Rented the install tool to install this, and so far, went from massive clunk to no clunk.

    Definitely recommend that any V owner do this mod. My stock bushing was half gone when I removed it.

  2. Steve M

    High quality part and exceptional customer service!!!

    Clunk is gone!!!

    I would recommend this to anyone with a V!!

  3. Lyn

    If you are reading this, you probably have the rear end clunk in your CTS-V. Don’t waste any more time, order this immediately. The clunk in my 04 was completely eliminated, making the car so much more enjoyable to drive around town. The installation tool helps a lot too, I recommend that you rent it. I wish I had done this years ago.

  4. Matt R

    I can actually drive my car hard again without worrying that something would bang. The car feels much more planted around corners and at launch.

  5. Remi

    Diff bushing completely gone on my 05 V.Did this in the driveway with a limited tool box. Access is kind of tight but the repair was not bad thanks to the tool. If you are going to make this repair rent the tool. Dont forget the threadlock for reinstalling the drive shaft. I had to make a run to the hardware store still got it done in under 2 hours.

  6. Jonathan Ruhe

    This bushing removed the clunk coming from the rear of the car just as advertised. I felt no additional vibration coming from the street hardness bushing.

  7. Rich N

    Replaced the diff bushing on Saturday. Access to the three 21mm bolts limited wrench cranking to about a quarter turn, but rear bolts did come out easy. Renting the tool is a MUST to get the old bushing sleeve out and the new one in – worked great. Creative Steel provided a great product and answered alot of questions before I even made the purchase – fantastic service. Feels like a completely different car – no clunk!!

  8. Steven S

    No more clunk when engaging the clutch under load! The car is now nice and quiet while shifting through the gears. Went with the black, and NO bushing block. Couldn’t be happier.

  9. Andrew G

    I picked up my V with 94K miles on it and I had the standard clunky noise when shifting. Replaced the rear diff bushing and all is better. Had to shop around for a mechanic that would replace it without following the book which states that the entire rear-end has to be removed… if you don’t do it yourself, just tell the mechanic they can get to this bushing by disconnecting the drive shaft and rotating the rear diff down. Cost me about 45 minutes in labor to install it and my car feels awesome. If you have the clunking sound when shifting then get this part installed. Also, customer service from CS is great. I’m about to order the CS motor and trans mounts 🙂

  10. Blane Sanders

    My old bushing fell out in 2 pieces. Obviously the “clunk” had become unbearable. Installation of this new bushing was straight-forward when using the rented removal/installation tool. The only difficult part is lining up the 2 rear differential bolts again after you removed them to drop the differential. Required a little lifting/lowering of the jack to align the holes properly. Other than that, it’s just slow-going while wrenching long bolts 1/4 turn at a time. Do not attempt to do this work without renting their tool.

  11. alexander (verified owner)

    Did mine with out the tool please do your self a favor and save time just rent the tool

  12. Chris Meier (verified owner)

    I am purchasing my second Race bushing as I needed to change the diff in my Miata project to lower gear and a posi. Fast shipping and clear instructions make replacing the part stress free. I did not need the tool as my diff was out already but I can see where it helps.
    Don’t play games and risk cracking your diff, buy the bushing, rent the tool, and do the job right the first (and last) time!

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    Don’t be scared of your V or the work! I waited a year to change this because I didn’t want to drop the whole rear. What a mistake! Drop the exhaust and then drop the rear with only 3 bolts! Change and put back together. 2 hours flat and how silly I feel for waiting so long……

  14. Jesse Romero (verified owner)

    Great Product, I purchased the Differential Bushing along with the Differential Block and let me tell you, I finally enjoy driving my V again. Noise and Clunking are GONE!!!! Will definitely be buying all my mounts through them and possibly the 8.8 rear end kit in the future. The customer service is unmatched, I was literally on the phone with them for about 20 minutes and answered all my questions and never did they once seem aggravated. Thank you Creative Steel for having great customer service to go with your amazing products!!!!

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