09-15 CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings

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09-15 CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings

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09-15 CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings

Front upper bushings (4 – 2 bushings per arm)

  • Bushings in your choice of hardness
  • Stainless plates
  • Grease-able bolts with flat washers

Front lower bushings (8 – 4 bushings per arm)

  • Bushings in your choice of hardness
  • Stainless plates
  • Nordlock Washers for head of bolt and nut (2 per bolt)
  • Grease-able bolts

**Available in 2 hardness’s –

  • Daily driver black – for the customer wanting to change out OE damaged/failed bushings
  • Race red – for the customer who tracks, drifts or races their car

** NOTE when ordering daily hardness you will receive the small lower bushings in red hardness**


Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 5 in

3 reviews for 09-15 CTS-V Grease-able Control Arm Bushings

  1. Samuel Heidorn (verified owner)

    These are exactly what I needed. The squeaky front end issues were driving me crazy and the sloppy handling was worse. The stealership wanted $1300+ to install new A-arms, with the same old rubber bushings. This was an easy job, I used a hole saw to cut out the rubber centers and then dremel to cut out the metal bushing. Overall a couple hours. And then a couple more because I installed it backwards…but you should skip that part.

  2. GevPwr (verified owner)

    We are a big CTS-V shop and these are the best repair or upgrade bushings on the market today. We have installed many sets already and continue to do on a regular basis. They really make the car handle and feel much better. Even if you go with the Red Race bushing car still feels great no issues.
    Keep up the good work Creative Steel
    Best Regards,

  3. Rand P

    These are definitely the answer to stock replacement arms. After awhile, factory bushings wear- squeak when cold, and don’t live very long, and when they start to age take your tires with them, the upper bushing wear is why inner tire wear is so prevalent even on stock setups. At the time of replacement car had 65K and upper bushings were giving issues since 30K- previous owner had car aligned several times due to bad inner tire wear- they finally fixed the tire wear by giving it an alignment that made the car feel ‘loose’- didn’t like to track very well and generally prone to wandering at speed.

    I had GEVPWR in Long Beach install CS Black uppers and lowers along with new Eibach springs on my 2013 sedan – having poly bushings on other cars usually meant harsh and unyielding on smaller bumps and sometimes, squeaks. Owned 5 cars with different brands of poly, all of them had bugs. I took a chance on these due to overall positive reviews, even if it seems forums have a tendency to exaggerate a bit. Also, I’m a pretty old dude so I’m not a kid who likes overly modified and harsh suspension setups. I like stock feel.

    They weren’t exaggerating when they said the ride quality was very, very similar to stock if at all any different. I’ll tell you , these bushings do NOT degrade the ride quality, it still feels compliant with the added bonus of better steering due to being able to lock in a better alignment. Also, I was able basically hit stock spec alignment figures- confirmed and it drives and tracks absolutely wonderfully.

    There is no reason not to buy these VS. stock replacement. First time ever, I’ve been totally happy with the outcome. Precise, no harshness or noise.

    Can’t wait for the rears to be released.

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