03-06 E55 Polyurethane Rear Subframe Bushings


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03-06 Mercedes E55 AMG Polyurethane Rear Subframe Bushings


  • Direct Replacement
  • Anodized CNC machined 6061 Aluminum
  • Zinc Plated 3/16″ Laser Cut Plates
  • 10.9 Grade Zinc Hardware Included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Creative Steel’s polyurethane rear subframe bushings for the E55 are a direct replacement for the OEM rubber bushings. The OEM bushings are very soft which make them ideal for isolating noise and vibrations; however, it comes at a cost of reduced vehicle handling. The OEM subframe bushings allow the rear subframe to move effortlessly causing less then ideal handling due to suspension alignment changing while  under load. Another problem with the OEM bushings is their tendency to either break the mounting bolts or tear the threads out of the body of the car. These polyurethane rear subframe bushings will help in reducing these failures as the force on the bolts will be less due to less acceleration of the bushings. Our polyurethane rear subframe bushings not only hold the rear subframe in place, they do it with minimal increase in vibration and noise. Most customers will not notice any difference in vibration or noise with our street (black) bushings.

Hardness choice will depend on how you would like the bushings to behave. If the vehicle is a daily driver/weekend fun car, we suggest purchasing the (daily driver/street) black bushing set. Our black bushings will give the most comfort and feel close to the OEM bushings in a comfort standpoint while holding the subframe in place. If your goal for the vehicle is mostly racing, we suggest purchasing our (race) red bushing set. The race bushings are very hard and will offer very little give. The red bushing set will increase vibration and noise.

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